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Summer storm hits east side of Merrill


Many people saw lightning, heard thunder rumbling, and felt wind whipping around outside. One of the hardest hit areas in central Wisconsin was Merrill.

"I got up and looked and the wind was just whirling around the house," said Jan Tesch, who lives in Merrill.

Some people woke up with a start and couldn't even tell what was going on in their front yards.

"If you looked out your window, you couldn't see anything," said Glen Simonis, who lives in Merrill. "All you saw was rain. You couldn't see the neighbors. You couldn't see the street. You couldn't see anything at all."

The summer storm packed a punch. The heavy winds knocked down trees across many neighborhoods on Merrill's east side.

Sladek said no injuries were reported, but damage was widespread. Workers closed roads, blocking traffic from downed power lines. And crews worked to restore power.

"I have to say, God was with me and with my neighbors," said Tesch. "Trees are down, lines are down, we have no power but we're all okay."

Chainsaws have become a familiar sound in Merrill as neighbors help each other clean up.

"I mean, what are you going to do? It's Wisconsin," said Simonis. "Everybody gets together and goes and helps everybody else clean up."

And there's a lot to do. Winds ripped off one side of the grand stand in the Lincoln County fairground and toppled trees in a nearby cemetery. But people said they're just glad the damage wasn't worse. 

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