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UPDATE: Suspect in Wausau homicide will head to trial

Zachary Froehlich Zachary Froehlich
Warren Krohn Warren Krohn
UPDATE - The second man suspected in a Wausau murder is scheduled to go to trial.
On Friday, October 19 a Marathon County judge ruled there is probable cause for Zachary Froehlich to be bound over for arraignment and trial.

Froehlich and Warren Krohn were charged in June in the death of 49-year-old Kirby Kniess. Authorities found Kniess' body in the Wausau garage where he lived.

UPDATE - A November 15, 2012 pretrial conference is scheduled for Warren Krohn.  He's charged in the June murder of Kirby Kniess. 
A judge ruled there's enough evidence against a Wausau man charged with first degree homicide to stand trial.

Warren Krohn is charged with the murder of 49-year-old Kirby Kniess back in June.
Friday, Judge Jill Falstad continued Krohn's bond.
Dates are yet to be set in the trial.

Zachary Froehlich has also been charged and will learn next month if he will also face trial.
Police said Froehlich told them that he hit Kniess with a baseball bat while Krohn encouraged it and they took Kniess' wallet and a bottle of liquor before leaving.


The time limits were waived for one of the men charged in the death of 49 year old Kirby Kniess.  The preliminary hearing for Zachary Froehlich was scheduled for 10:45am in Marathon County court.  Brian Bennett was appointed as Froehlich's attorney this morning. 


According to court documents, one suspect in this week's homicide in Wausau told police -- they hit the sleeping victim with a baseball bat so he wouldn't wake up when they took his wallet.

Two men have now been charged in the death of 49-year-old Kirby Kniess. Authorities found his body early Tuesday morning in the Wausau garage where he lived.

The second suspect in this case, Zachary Froehlich, was formally charged on Friday. Authorities said they believe he was also involved in a separate assault that same night also involving a baseball bat.

18-year-old Froehlich made his first appearance in court on Friday afternoon. He faces homicide charges from this week's murder in Wausau. Now authorities say Froehlich may have been involved in another crime that same night.

"We do believe that Mr. Froehlich was involved in the assault of another male earlier in the evening that also involved a bat," said Wausau Police Department Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts.

Authorities said Froehlich choked a different man, while someone else hit the alleged victim with a baseball bat. They said that person is okay now. Police did not say whether the same bat was used in these crimes. But in both cases, police said help from the community has been important.

"We've had several citizens that have come forward, several citizens that we've approached through other leads and they've all been very cooperative," said Hilts. "All that information has been very helpful."

According to the criminal complaint, Froehlich told police he hit Kniess five times with a baseball bat.

"At this point, we believe Mr. Froehlich was the primary assailant in the death of Mr. Kniess," said Hilts.

In that same report, Froehlich told police 20-year-old Warren Krohn encouraged him. Krohn faces homicide charges for the crime as well. Authorities said the suspects took Kniess' wallet -- with 21 dollars inside -- and a bottle of liquor and left.

"You don't have to have a hand on the bat to be party to the crime," said Hilts. "You just need to be part of the planning and part of the execution of the crime."

Froehlich faces 13 charges, including reckless homicide. Both suspects are currently behind bars. Neither has lawyers assigned to them for this case. Krohn is expected to be back in court next week -- with Froehlich back the week after.

Newsline 9 will continue to keep you updated on this case as new details are released.

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Authorities say the main suspect in a Wausau homicide investigation may have been involved in another assault, using a baseball bat as a weapon.

Investigators now say Zachary Froehlich, 18, is believed to be the main assailant in the death of Kirby Kniess, according to Wausau Police Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts. Kniess was found beaten to death Tuesday morning.

Hilts said that the victim of another beating came forward. Police say that assault took place either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Authorities say one of the baseball bats retrieved during the homicide investigation may have been used in the assault. Froehlich faces additional charges related to the assault.

Froehlich was scheduled for intake Friday afternoon. He faces 13 total charges including 1st degree reckless homicide, armed robbery with the use of force, armed burglary, burglary of an occupied dwelling, two charges of felony bail jumping, misdemeanor theft, four charges of misdemeanor bail jumping, felony strangulation and suffocation and misdemeanor bail jumping.

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