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POW honored at local war memorial


One Vietnam War veteran got a special honor today, as thousands of people remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It all happened at the traveling Vietnam Wall in Wausau.

Philip Muth was a soldier in World War II. He was flying over Austria when his plane was struck down.

"Opened up with shoulder parachutes and the Germans were waiting for me," Muth said.

Muth says he was held captive for 231 days, "you just survive one day at a time."

For his service, he was presented with an American flag, a symbol of his dedication to our country.

"I hadn't seen this, the stars and stripes for months, it's really honorable," Muth said.

Muth says his time as a POW took a toll on him, both mentally and physically.

"I lost a lot of weight and you don't know anyone," Muth said.

Other veterans say the memories are still there, years later.

"I think anyone that was there has a guilt complex, why them and not me," Vietnam veteran John Kettle said.

As Kettle looks at the names of his fallen friends, painful memories from Vietnam return.
"It's always the same, it's always healing," he said.

"Some folks it brings back bad memories, for others, it's a healing tool," Man of Honor chairman Jeff Morgan said.

As for Muth, he says he knows exactly what he will do with his new flag.

"I'm going to fly it, I have it at home," he said.

The memorial will be on display until Sunday.

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