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Turkey: NATO should view Syria as attacking it


Officials in Turkey say a Syrian general is among the latest defectors from his country's military.

The defectors also include dozens of Syrian soldiers who crossed the border to Turkey overnight with their families.

According to Turkish officials, a general defected in recent days. The state-run news agency says 33 soldiers then crossed the border overnight. That report said the group included a second general and two colonels. But a Turkish government official says there were three colonels in the overnight group, but no general.

Thousands of soldiers have abandoned the Syrian regime. Most are low-level conscripts. The rebel Free Syrian Army, which is based in Turkey, is made up largely of defectors.

There are fears that the conflict in Syria could spark regional unrest. Those fears mounted Friday when Syrian forces shot a Turkish military plane out of the sky.

A Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that Syria has "no hostility" toward Turkey.

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