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Beat the heat


With temperatures in the 90's over the next few days, some common sense tips can keep you cool.

Health educators at the Marathon County Aging and Disability Resource Center have these suggestions:  Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Also, eat light foods like vegetables and fruit, which are easier to digest.

If you live in a home without air conditioning or a fan, seek shelter in cool place.

Avoid exercise during the heat of the day, mornings or evenings may offer some relief.

Never leave a people with disabilities, children, the elderly or pets in a parked car unattended. The temperature inside the vehicle can quickly rise 20 or 30 degrees above the outside temperature.

Family, friends and neighbors should also check on people they believe might be at risk because of age or disability.

We heard some tips for pets, from the Lincoln County Humane Society, as well. First, always make sure your animal has fresh, cool water. Second, provide them a place to cool off--shade is essential. Third, ice cubes made of frozen water or chicken broth are a bonus treat to keep animals cool.

Common sense ideas to beat the heat.

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