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Lack of rain takes toll on corn crop

The hot, dry weather we are experiencing in Wisconsin is taking a toll on the corn crop. Ken Schroeder of the Portage County UW Extension office says, it is a serious situation. Not just in the southern part of the state but all of Wisconsin, unless substantial rain falls.

Schroeder says the lack of rain stresses the plants, causing the corn to curl, so it can conserve energy.

Much of the state's corn crop is used to feed livestock. If there is a shortage come the fall harvest, farmers would have to seek feed from other areas. Right now, farmers across the midwest face the same challenges: no rain and hot temperatures.

Gardeners and landscapers are likely to feel the weather challenges to. In addition to water vegetable and flower gardens, Schroeder says it is important to water trees. He says those that don't have deep roots can be especially prone to drought damage.

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