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Elite counterdrug units proposed for Mexico

The widely-respected Colombian cop hired to advise Mexico's president-elect on security policy is recommending the creation of elite military-police units to target not just major drug traffickers but also the lower-level cartel soldiers who do most of the killing.

Newly retired Colombian police director Gen. Oscar Naranjo also tells The Associated Press he also believes that it is feasible to sharply reduce Mexico's drug-related violence in the first 100 days of Enrique Pena Nieto's presidency.

Elected on Sunday, Pena Nieto takes office on Dec. 1.

Naranjo said Friday that while it's important to go after high-level targets Mexico should not neglect the so-called collection agencies that hire cartel assassins and enforcers. Such criminals are responsible for the bulk of Mexico's more than 47,500 drug war deaths since late 2006.

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