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More car batteries die in July than January, tips for travel


Many people may think cold temperatures hurt your car's battery more than hot. But mechanics say that's not necessarily the case.

Here are some tips on how to protect your car this summer.

With temperatures above 80 degrees and summer travel in full swing, mechanics say taking care of your car and its battery should be a top priority.

"With the weather the way it's been now, a lot of excessive heat will be bad for it—pulls harder on your vehicle," O'Reilly Retail Service Specialist Kris Hattery said.

Automotive experts say more batteries die in July than in January. Because excessive heat can cause the cells inside the battery to burn up and die.

They recommend having your battery checked every few months.

Another tip—check your fluids once a week.

"If you're running low, your system will work harder and not as efficient," Hattery said.

Car experts also say your wipers should be replaced seasonally, so you're ready for extreme summer weather.

"The weather really affects them. If your car sits outside in the winter, it can tear your blades," Hattery said.

And even though it's hot, mechanics say rolling your window down can save you money.

"When you run your air conditioning a lot, it can cause your motor to work harder as well," Hattery.

Mechanics say by following these tips, you and your car can stay cool in the summer heat.



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