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Farmer: "This is the worst year I've seen in probably 20 years"


Scorching July weather is heating up problems for farmers in central Wisconsin.

"If we don't get water we're going to lose a lot," said David Slowinski. "It's really not good at all. This is the worst year I've seen in probably 20 years.

Slowinski says he's had a bad crop. To make ends meet he's been forced to raise prices on some of his produce.

"Like potatoes, we had to raise them to $3. We used to sell them for $2."

An increase that ultimately falls on the consumer and it already has. Nationally, corn prices have soared 37% since mid-June.

But some farmers are sticking with their prices, hoping it will be enough.

"You know it should affect the prices," said Dan Mielke, farmer. "But generally when you are hurting you are also desperate, and so that should keep the prices down. I think the prices will stay pretty stationary." 

But with little rain in the forecast, keeping prices down may be difficult.

"It's bad in this area," said Mielke. "I don't know what it is. Maybe we sinned or something. It seems the rain goes everywhere but here."

And with Mother Nature not cooperating, the governor has stepped in, declaring a state of emergency to help the farmers.

Farmers in Portage Co. are also trying something new to help business. The farmers market in Stevens Point will now stay open until 7 p.m. on Mondays. Organizers hope the evening hours attract people who can't make it in the morning.

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