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Fishing for Chinook and Rainbow Trout on Lake Michigan


Eager to wet a line, we landed in the deep waters of Lake Michigan. Just off the shore of Kewaunee.

We headed out about 2 1/2 miles from the shoreline, over 140 feet of deep lake water. Avid angler Mark Arndt from Wausau set up our down riggers, but it's our presentation that we were hoping the fish liked.

Mark said, "The flasher creates extra action down there and draws fish to the fly."

Our approach was a simple concept, "We're trolling out here, you just drive around until you find fish then you circle back for more and hopefully there'll be more."

We're thousands of miles from my successful salmon trips in Alaska, but I want to know if that luck followed me here to Wisconsin to get one of these beautiful and delicious Chinook.

Moments later, one rainbow trout in the cooler, Mother Nature got in between us and more fish.
After waiting out the weather, our luck just wasn't quite the same.

We never did catch any of the royal species of king salmon, but that's why its called fishing not catching.

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