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Parched plants


The lack of rain and high temperatures have left plants parched across the state of Wisconsin. In our area, you're sure to signs of it everywhere. Lawns are turning brown, and without heavy watering, flowers, shrubs and trees are at risk of shriveling up.

A lawn care experts we talked with says the grass is going dormant. With the growth slowing in yards, companies that offer mowing services are trying to keep busy doing other lawn care duties.

Phil Hopkins of Scott's  Enterprises tells Newsline 9, if you are watering keep it  up."If you abruptly stop watering right now it's a shock to the lawn."  If you plan to stop watering, or if communities issue watering bans, he says it is best to reduce water levels gradually, because it is less stressful. If you haven't been water, now is not the time to start. Phil Hopkins, "Don't start now because if you do the plants will start growing again and that will be harmful to the plant if you have to stop."

He suggests adding a light fertilizer to the grass sow that it will get a jump start, when and if we do see more rain.

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