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How hot is it on North Pole Road?

The scorching heat is taking a toll on us once again, especially for those who live on North Pole Road.

Situated in the small town of Plover in Marathon County, the road has an ironic name especially on a day like this.  

"It's not the north pole and Rudolph is not here today," said Don Thompson, a resident who's lived on North Pole Road for more than 20 years. 

"When we go into a store or something and they ask for our address and take a step backwards when I tell them I live on North Pole Road," he said.

It's an address that can have everyone thinking of below freezing temperatures. But even at 92 degrees, Thompson says the heat is what he prefers. 

"I'm not too crazy about the real cold weather, we know it ain't going to last," said Thompson.

However long the heat lasts, you probably won't be spotting Santa and his helpers on North Pole Road anytime soon. 

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