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The Republican Race for U.S. Senate is getting negative


  With less than a month away from the August Primary, the big focus is on the Republican race for U.S. Senate. 

SSenate Candidate Mark Neumann stopped in Wausau today to talk about the negative turn this race has taken, and so did the other candidates, but each one, blames the other. 

Joel Anderson, a voter who came out to hear what Congressman Mark Neumann had to say said, "You're going to have that every election so I don't really pay any attention to that kind of stuff."

A few dozen others came to Wausau's Howard Johnson Inn, to hear Neumann speak, one of the four Republicans running. 

"We have some problems, and we need it fixed," said Dave Cotrone, a voter who also attended the event.

Neumann told the crowd he has the answers to those problems, but his fellow candidates say the same thing. 

And as election day gets closer, the attacks on each other get harsher.

"Campaigns get desperate, there's a lot of negative advertising going on between three of the camps and I'm going to continue to run on my record on what I've been able to accomplish as speaker," said Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Fitzgerald. 

"It's just a desperate attempt by one of my opponents to try and muddy me up and that's all it is," said Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Hovde.

  Mark Neumann said, "We've been struck last week Eric Hovde put out some negative stuff on us and we felt we had to respond and let the voters in the state know who he actually is."
"Why are my opponents attacking me, why because I'm in front place," said Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson. 

People at Neumann's event say they're not as focused on the negativity, they just want their voices heard.  

"We have a chance to vote in this country and I urge everyone to vote because it's a privilege that a lot of countries don't have," said Dave Cotrone. 

The primary election will take place August 14th. 

The winner will go on to face Democratic Candidate Tammy Baldwin in November. 



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