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Ben Provisor stops in central Wisconsin before Olympics

An athlete from Stevens Point is heading to the Olympics.

He's been training in Colorado, but before his trip to London, he stopped in central Wisconsin for a great big sendoff.

Hundreds filled a bowling alley in plover to meet Ben Provisor, and wish him luck at the Olympics.

"It's great to see all the people that started this journey with me," said Provisor "It's awesome to see all the support this community has for me."

Thanks to donations from fans in central Wisconsin. He'll be able to bring along some of his friends and family to London including his father.

"Ben going to the Olympics is beyond a dream," said Dennis Provisor, Ben's father. "I can't even imagine it. He's always a great wrestler and always has been a great wrestler."

Dennis Provisor played in the Grass Roots band.

So he knows what it's like to be famous.

"He said be ready for a zoo when you get home," said Ben Provisor. "And you know he was used to it when he was a rock star back in the 60's and 70's. You know it's awesome to have a role model like that."

This is the wrestlers first trip to the Olympics. But he says he isn't nervous -not yet.

"I bet when I get there it will change a little bit," said Provisor. "But training is still training and I've been training as hard as possible for the last three months."

It'll also be his first time in the Olympic village. Where he'll get to meet other athletes from around the world. Maybe even Lebron James.

"Lebron James is my favorite NBA player," said Provisor. "So hopefully I will be able to take a picture with him at opening ceremonies or something."

But he's not headed to London to meet basketball players.

Provisor has his eyes on an Olympic medal.

And he has the community of central Wisconsin cheering him on.          

Provisor tells Newsline 9 he's joining the Army to continue wrestling.

He heads to basic training one month after the Olympics.

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