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Apple crop suffers from late frost


Apple crops in our area could be in serious danger. One local farmer says he may end up with very few apples.

The apple trees at Casey's Orchards in Stevens Point look a lot different today compared to three months ago. But few apples can be found.

"Very, very light," Casey Janowski said.

Janowski says the late frost ruined 80-90 percent of his crop. Now, what's left may be in trouble if the drought continues.

"This dryness isn't helping," Janowski added.

He says few of his apple trees have fruit. And the ones that do aren't drinking any water he gives them.

"If we get some rain, it sure would help," Janowski said.

The extremely high temperatures don't help either.

"In the 44 years we've been here, this has got to be the worst season we've had," Janowski said.

The owners of Casey's Orchards say they may not even advertise this year, because of the limited number of apples they will have.

Casey's Orchards isn't alone. Other apple farmers in our area tell us they're in the same situation.

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