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Wausau man's plane on display at EAA


OSHKOSH (WAOW) -- Thousands of pilots have flown into Wittman Airport in Oshkosh for EAA Airventure including a Wausau man, who's plane is on display.

Since Bill Knighton started flying more than twenty-five years ago, speed has always been a main concern.

A 1979 Cessna Centurion is his sixth plane and he liked it-- for the most part.

Knighton says, "It has a lot of problems when you're climbing, to get to a higher altitude.  The engine would get really hot and would climb really slowly."

So he decided to fix it and turned to a company called Vitatoe Aviation out of Ohio.  The company converts engines.

"With our conversion, we take new technology, says company president, Larry Vitatoe. The airplane will go faster, it operates cooler, and it uses less fuel. That's about all we can do as far as improvements."

And that's really all that pilots look for.  The conversion on Knighton's plane saves him between two and a half and three gallons of gas per hour.

It also saves him time, nearly doubling his speed from about 400 feet a minute to between seven and 800.

"The aircraft just performs better. It's cooler. It's easier to fly. It's safer. So, all in all, it's just been a great conversion for me," Knighton says.

And since the conversion was completed earlier this year he's already flown hundreds of miles.  Including to EAA where it's on display.

EAA wraps up Sunday, July 29.

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