Stevens Point leaders plan to scare geese back to the water - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports

Stevens Point leaders plan to scare geese back to the water


In an effort to reduce the number of geese in Stevens Point's Pfiffner Pioneer Park, city officials will use noise to send the geese back to the water.

In a press release, the city says it's receiving complaints because the geese are leaving residue on the trail and grass area in front of the band shell.

In the past, the rain would wash away the residue.

The city considered a number of options to control the number of geese in the area.

The options included making sites less attractive to geese like "no feeding" ordinances, scare tactics, habitat modifications, goose barriers, repellents, use of trained dogs, relocating geese, lethal techniques such as addling eggs, sterilizing geese, and rounding up geese to euthanize them.

Ultimately, the city decided to scare the geese with plastic clappers.


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