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A step back in time with Archery

At Rib Mountain Bowmen Serina Zelenka breaks down the complicated specifics of archery. She said, "It's unlike any other sport, but I like it and its fun. It just.... Cool!"  The 9 year old reminds me of myself, when she lists her hobbies, "I do gymnastics, and I like hiking, and the outdoors."
On this day, she's out here with her dad just practicing, but there is a goal in sight. She plans to go hunting with her dad. She may be young, but her experience participating in archery with her dad has her making big plans for the future. "I'll probably show my kids and they'll show their kids."

 In a mostly male dominated club, Serina realizes she's different. She describes, "I'm like one of the only girl kids that are shooting here. There are a lot of young boys and most of them are the age of my dad." She notices the difference and doesn't back down. She giggles, "Girls, we can be way better than boys at this, and we are!" 

Inspired by my mini-me, I gathered the courage to shoot a few myself. Club member Andy Sims set me up with a compound bow as we headed into the 40 acre range. With no recoil or loud bang, it's easier to focus on the target. 

Andy says, "The nice thing about archery for anyone of all ages, is that its not just about hunting. Its a sport."

For 9 year old Serina, It's already a lifestyle.

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