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Construction companies increase workforce in Wausau


Construction sites used to be quite common, but that was before the economy tanked. Now, some business owners say there's hope.

"I think we're slowly, cautiously moving into it. We don't want to over employ and have to lay people off," Lori Stevenson from Prime Design Construction said.

Her Wausau company is looking to hire one or two employees. That may not seem like a lot, but that's almost double their current construction staff.

That's still far off from the days of 10 or more employees.

"We're trying to slowly move into where the market is going to bring us," Stevenson said.

Larry Meyer Construction is experiencing the same time. The Wausau based company has recently added one more worker, making 12. But that's still much less than several years ago.

"The size of our projects has gotten larger and so in doing that we're able to put more people on a job at a time," Meyer said.

Both companies are working mostly on remodeling, but on almost no new construction.

"They are realizing that building new is probably out of their budget," Stevenson said.

But neither company is picky, because in this market a job is a job.

Company leaders say they hope this isn't temporary, and that the trend continues.

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