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Tomatoes surviving the drought

It's been a hot and dry summer for Wisconsin, which hasn't really helped many farmers. 
But one retired agriculture teacher in our area says he has the perfect recipe for how to grow tomatoes in this drought. 

Floyd Doering lives at Homme Assisted Living in Wittenberg, where he recently picked up an old habit. 

"I've been planting tomatoes all my life, said Floyd. 

Life experience has paid off, especially now, during the drought. 

"I was shocked, I did not anticipate these tomatoes would grow like crazy," Floyd said. 

"Floyd only waters them once a day so that isn't really a whole lot a over abundance of water and they are out here in this hot sun and how they survived and other's didn't, I don't know," said Arlene Hanus, the Homme Residential Administrator in Wittenberg.  

Floyd planted these tomatoes in early June and now, they're ready to be eaten.  

"I've been eating them every time one gets ripe I grab it," said LEroy Dankmeyer, a Homme Assisted Living resident. 

Floyd loves planting tomatoes, and he loves doing it in the town of Wittenberg, a place he considers most special. 

"When I went across the bridge in Wittenberg to leave, I must confess that I cried all the way across that bridge on the highway because I was leaving this school and this town that I liked so well but as they say it all turned out well," said Floyd. 

It's turned out well for Floyd's tomato crop, in fact, better than he hoped. 
"These plants were bigger than I ever planted and they even proved beyond that, that was just a surprise," said Floyd.
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