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Fishing for bass, walleye, musky in Wausau


Just north of Wausau, I decided to head out fishing with Kurt Shultz from Kurt's Guiding. 
"We'll try for some bass at first, then we'll work our way into some walleye and even some musky," Shultz said.
We hooked up two different approaches, one for bass..."we're going to use some tube jigs. Just drag it along the bottom and wait for the bass to pick it up and hit it..." and another for walleye..."these are called pop-u-lures and these make nice loud noise on the top of the water and gets the fish's attention."
The fish were being very particular at first.
Shultz says if they're not biting, the key is to move around and change your approach.
"Nothing hit on my top water, nothing hit on my tube jig, so now what i'll do is throw a night crawler out there and see if they'll hit. Don't ball it up, it's more lively action with it hanging like this. The livelier it looks the better."
That was all it took.
"This is my first walleye. First cast she made today."
"There we go finally, and back in the water."
"Not a monster, but sure is fun to catch."
We had no problem hooking into some bass and walleye, but now we're going to step up to the plate and aim for musky, which is also known as the fish of a thousand casts.
With only an hour left, tiime wasn't on our side.
"We're going to chase some musky around and see if we can get one of these toothy critters in the boat."
The musky eluded us this trip just waiting till we can head out again.
"That window will open up where the fish will bite and the longer you're out the better. Today was a great day, we had a lot of fun."


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