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Bugged by bed bugs

If you're bugged by bed bugs, you're not alone! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says they are a growing problem across the country.http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehs/Topics/bedbugs.htm

The Marathon County Health Department sees less than 100 reports of bed bug problems a year. They say they area hearing from an increasing number of people who travel outside the county and end up bringing bed bugs into their homes. In addition, they have received a growing number of reports of the bugs hitching a ride on used furniture.

Health experts say the bugs do no spread disease when they bite. But Sara Brown of the Marathon County Health Departments says the bites do itch and they often cause emotional trauma for the victims.

To avoid problems,  they suggest you check hotel rooms carefully. Do a close inspection of the bed, the box spring, mattress and headboard. Also, avoid keeping your luggage on the floor. It is safer on a dresser or luggage rack. Health experts warn the bugs are very hard to detect. Signs that they have been there may include small drops of blood.

If you do find the bugs, let the hotel management know, and request a new room. Brown says you should avoid adjacent rooms or those that are above or below the one you were originally assigned.



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