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Prices at the pump painful for drivers


Central Wisconsin drivers are feeling the pain at the pump. At one gas station in Eagle River, a gallon of gas costs more than four dollars.

According to, the national average for a gallon of gas is around 3.60, but drivers in central Wisconsin are paying much more. In Wausau, the average is 3.92 a gallon.

"I guess you just have to grin and bear it if you can. There's nothing much you can do about it," Kathy Schraufnagel said. That means she shells out about 80 dollars every time she fills up.

"We have two vehicles that we have to fill every week for our jobs so it does make a difference in our weekly budget for sure," Loni Keenan said.

She travels from Minneapolis to central Wisconsin for work. 

"I was very curious as to why the gas prices were so high this weekend," she said.

Experts say it's a combination of problems causing prices to skyrocket.

"Of five refineries, four of them who supply the majority 90 percent of fuel to Wisconsin are experiencing some hiccups, and then you combine that with the pipeline problems and the ethanol prices, it's really the perfect storm," Wisconsin Petroleum Council Executive Director Erin Roth said.

One cause: 50,000 gallons of oil that spilled in Adams County. Even though Roth says the pipeline has been fixed, the Federal Government won't allow the pipe to be re-opened until tests are completed.

"They've required them to inspect all 467 miles of that one line," Roth said.

Drivers told Newsline 9 they're constantly searching for the best deal.

"Well I just came from Minocqua and it was 3.99 so I thought, well, five cents cheaper. Every penny counts," Schraufnagel said.

But experts say things could get worse before they get better.

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