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Dry conditions lead to hot spots after Wood Co. fire


A fire that started last week in Wood County still has the ground smoking. It happened in Rudolph, just north of Wisconsin Rapids.

Officials there say the dry conditions aren't helping.

The site in Rudolph has more than 100 acres burned. In a fire that started last Wednesday, officials say it still cannot be declared out.

"Where we are right now is usually under water," Rudolph Fire Chief Tony Konkol said.

But there's no water to be found. Fire officials say the drought it to blame.

"We're hoping we'll get rain," Konkol said.

While interviewing the Konkol, a small cloud of smoke was in the distance. It's what fire officials call a peat moss fire. The fix is simple, just a good spray of water. But officials say 60-70 of these "hot spots" popped up Monday morning.

"This is the fifth day and we figure about five more," Konkol said.

Fire officials say the number of hot spots has been decreasing each day. Firefighters are credited with saving nine homes in the area.

"They were all evacuated. They were allowed to come back that evening," Konkol said

The Rudolph fire chief says he won't declare the fire out until there are no more hot spots. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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