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Personal Story: Heather Voigt

When I was 21, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can still see the gestures my dad made when he told me her biopsies were positive. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and numb at the same time.  

They caught the cancer by chance and diligence from her surgeon. The lump she found was not cancerous, it was merely by chance that one of the biopsies they took contained the cancer. After a bilateral mastectomy, my mom was told she would not need radiation or chemo. It has been an incredibly long physical recovery from the cancer and reconstructive surgeries, but the psychological toll of losing her breasts is something I don't think she will overcome.  We celebrated her 9 year anniversary of "C" day (the day she was diagnosed) this year! 

I have ran the Komen Race for the Cure every year since it came to Wausau and this year I am proud to say I will be photographing the Race instead of running it. Also, I am hosting Portraits for the Cure starting August 5th through the 11th, for $50 you get a mini-session with me and 5 edited images on a cd with reprinting rights and I am donating all $50 back to Komen. I am honored to be able to be a part of something that is so incredibly near to my heart. 


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