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Setting sail on Lake Pepin

A gust of wind rolls off the bluffs of eastern Minnesota toward Lake Pepin, Wisconsin.  It quickly fills the sails of 'The Messenger', a 31-foot sailboat.  The vessel swings left, and off to open water. 

It's a majestic sight.    

But for Dave Sheridan, all of this is just another day at the office.

Sheridan captains this vessel and says he loves sailing.  But more than anything, he says he likes sharing the experience with others.

"It's a real eye-opener for them and we like to think that they perhaps can see other possibilities in their life after we spend an afternoon with them" Sheridan said.

Sheridan owns 'Sail Pepin'.  It's a business he started to teach people how to operate sailboats. 

"You'd be surprised what you can learn in a couple hours.  With our youth groups in particular, our guarantee is we can teach any group to sail a 31-foot, five ton yacht in two hours" Sheridan said.

Sheridan says the geography and topography of the Pepin area contribute to it being a top sailing location in the Midwest.

"We get some thermal wind, meaning some breezes off the bluffs in the evening" Sheridan said.

Lake Pepin is a 28 mile stretch of the Mississippi River between Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It becomes a lake in places where the river is more than a mile wide, slowing the speed of water moving south.

"Plus I think one of the best things about sailing here is just the expanse of the water.  There's plenty of room here" Sheridan said smiling.

For details on pricing, location and how to learn to sail Lake Pepin, follow this link:

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