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"Bras Across the Bridge" come down


An eye-catching display meant to raise awareness about breast cancer came down tonight.

It's actually the second time the display "Bras Across the Bridge" in Merrill was taken down, but this time it was planned.

And project did grab some unwanted attention, that some people say worked out in the end.

"We are now wrapping up the Bras Across the Bridge," said Merrill resident Christine Vorpagel.

About a dozen people showed up to help snip, cut and pack up the bras, to donate them to a center in Milwaukee.

Each bra will bring in money for cancer research, to help fight breast cancer.

"We needed to remove them from the wire because we ought to reinforce our twine with wire and they are all held up by little pink ribbons so we've had to snip those off," said Vorpagel.

Volunteers say they raised more than a thousand dollars, doubling their goal.

"This was just a brilliant way to do their fundraising," said Merrill resident Deloris Bauman.

But the project did hit a bump. 40-year-old Christopher Tveten was arrested August 1st, after police say he stole around 80 bras from the display, and stuffed them into his car.

He's now charged with disorderly conduct.

"I was disappointed and ya I'll say it, it even got some righteous indignation but once you destroy somebody's property now your rights end by the constitution and mine take over," said Vorpagel.

Vorpagel says she's just happy all the bras were found.

"We reattached the twine and we repaired," said Vorpagel.

And today, the bras come down again, this time as planned, to raise money to help fight breast cancer.

"We want to promote a world with less cancer and more birthdays," said Bauman.

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