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What does Ryan for VP mean for Wisconsin?

When presidential hopeful Mitt Romney chose Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has his pick for Vice President, local republican leaders applauded his decision.

"He's sending a message that we can win in Wisconsin," Marathon County Republican Public Relations Chairman Evan Nehring said.

Local republican leaders say Ryan's political background and new budget plan is exactly what this state, and country need.

"Wisconsin is ready for the clear Romney, Ryan message," Nehring said. "Which is economic freedom and investing in the real economy."

But, the democrats disagree.

"Their policies are horrendous," Marathon County Democratic Party Chair Jeff Johnson said.

Democratic leaders say Romney and Ryan's budget plans are too extreme. 

"I don't think the middle class is going to be too happy, I don't think seniors are going to be happy with the plan as they learn more about it," Johnson explained.

The latest poll numbers show President Barack Obama has a slight lead over Mitt Romney, leading 50-45%. But, republicans say those numbers mean nothing and Ryan's bid has the potential to win over voters.

"There's no question that Paul Ryan is respected and well like in the state of Wisconsin, and I think there will be a bump," Nehring said.

But, the democrats say that's not going to happen. 

"In the long run I don't think this will change things at all," Johnson said.

But, political experts say it will be the swing voters that will make the ultimate decision.

"Ryan has a positive approval rating with the independents. Romney has a negative approval rating," Director of the Marquette Law Poll Charles Frankline said. "So that is a very important group that Ryan could influence."

Both candidates have roughly three months to make their message heard. During those few months Ryan and Romney will hit the campaign trail until the Republican Convention in two weeks. Meantime, President Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden will continue to travel the state.

The election is on November 6th.

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