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20% turnout expected in August primary election


Poll workers in Wausau know the routine by now. This is the fifth election in Wisconsin this year. But the state estimates only about 20 percent of voters will turn out -- much lower than the recall election.

"Hopefully there will not be lines," said Wausau city clerk Toni Rayala. "We want to still make it a smooth flow for everybody."

This election is a partisan primary. That means voters can only cast ballots for candidates from one party.

As for the ballot, on the front, you'll see names of the Democratic and Republican candidates. On the back, there are blank spaces. That's where you can write in a name if you want to vote for candidates in other political parties.

"We didn't have any Constitution party candidates register," said Government Accountability Board public information officer Reid Magney. "Likewise, we haven't had any Americans Elect register. But they're still ballot-status parties, which means that if someone wants to write in a name on those primary ballots, they can."

But again -- you can only vote for candidates in one political party.

Poll workers around the state go through training for each election cycle. And with the number of elections we've had this year, Wausau leaders said their workers have gained plenty of experience.

"If there were any problems at the previous election, we've discussed ways to solve it so that it doesn't happen again," said Rayala. "We learn from every election and we train everybody better each time."

The polls open Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM.

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