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POW travels country sharing story


A man held as a prisoner in Iraq for years is sharing his story nation-wide. And, he's doing it all on a motorcycle.

Two years, seven months and one day. That's how long Peter Moore spent as an Iraqi Prisoner of War. 

"When you're in that situation you just get on with it, you have to get on with it," Moore said.

In May 2007 Moore was working international intelligence in Baghdad. His tour was only supposed to last three months. But then, everything changed.

"A load of Iraqi police officers stormed the building, took myself and 4 guards away," Moore recalls. "Two days later they took the blindfolds off and guys in black masks were all around me with machine guns."

Moore says his first year in captivity was the hardest.

"I was blindfolded, handcuffed and chained," Moore said.

And at one point, he says he lost hope.

"All the guards were killed around me."

But, in December of 2009 there was hope. Moore was released a free man. But, that didn't mean his nightmare was over.

"Readjusting, that's the hardest thing," Moore explained. "Adjusting back to life in the U. K was really difficult."

But now he's finding freedom on the open road. Moore and his friend Princess Nash are traveling the country on a motorcycle. They're determined to hit every state.

"Things don't always go as planned, we end up in obscure cities for weeks," Nash said.

But, that doesn't bother them. So far the pair has been to 21 states in three months.

"There's no timeline," Nash said. "We're in no rush to visit the other 29." 

"I never thought I'd be alive to do this, I thought I was going to die," Moore said. "So, to go around and meet people, see things, it's brilliant."

And even though the flashbacks still haunt him. He says he's determined to take advantage of this second chance. 

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