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Women for Mitt


Around 70 people gathered in Mosinee Friday, to launch a new group supporting Mitt Romney.

The group is called "Women for Mitt."

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and State Senator Alberta Darling spoke to supporters at the IROW Waste and Recycling Center.

They discussed their support for the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan plan, which they say will help working women keep their jobs and support their families.

But some say that's not the case.

"Barack Obama is not a mom, he's not a woman, he's not a sister or daughter or wife, he doesn't understand what it's like to make 90 percent of consumer household decisions like women do every single day and I'll tell you what, one of the most important household decisions I will make this year is voting for Romney-Ryan," said Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

"Especially for women and working women Paul Ryan his record in Congress is that he voted against the fair pay act which helps women fight for equal pay and equal work and it just seems counterintuitive to me for women to be supporting someone who voted against a bill to make sure that they get the equal pay for equal work," said State Senator Juile Lassa.

"Women for Mitt" planned several rallies across the state today.

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