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Gunshots rattle Wausau neighborhood


Wausau Police are investigating what triggered gunshots in a Wausau neighborhood on Sunday morning.

"There were gunshots and some traffic-like noise, like a car buzzing through the alley," said Michael Martens.

Police said around 3:00 a.m. they received a call of reported gunshots on the 1200 Block of Prospect Avenue on Wausau's East side.

Behind the home was an alley, where police say they found bullet casings, a bullet hole in one wall of the home and another in the detached garage behind it.

"We did recover at least one bullet from one of those bullet holes," said Deputy Chief Brian Hilts.

Police said they don't know if the shooting is drug or gang-related, but it has neighbors thinking about their children and families.

"That's why I keep my good eye on him," said Kenneth Carlisle.

Neighbors said they're looking to be more involved, both with police and others in their neighborhood.

"It's something I want to watch and be careful about, to keep our neighborhood safe," said Martens.

Others there said they plan to work with police to give tips, report suspicious activity and hopefully keep crime like this from happening again.

"I'm not gonna feel threatened by an incident like this," said Martens.

Police are still not sure if anyone was hurt in the shooting and ask that you contact them with any tips related to the shooting at (715) 261-7800.

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