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Stevens Point Police looking for volunteer officers


The Stevens Point Police Department is looking for volunteer officers. And police say this new program is a way to save money. But how qualified are the volunteers?

"The things that we're looking for are people that first and foremost who are interested in being involved in helping in community functions," said Stevens Point Assistant Chief, Martin Skibba.

They're looking for volunteers, and there aren't any prerequisites for the job.

"We want people that want to give back to the community, they don't need to be interested in law enforcement," said Wausau Patrol Captain, Dwayne Dachel.  

Officials say volunteers will help with traffic control, parades and working with students. But on serious calls, they don't get involved. Still, Assistant Chief Skibba says, the job may not be for everyone.

"Some of the if you will say restrictions we have obviously is we want them to be physically able to be out for extended periods of time whether it's four, five or six hours depending on the event that they're able to physically do that and another thing that we obviously consider is criminal records," said Assistant Chief Skibba.

The Stevens Point Police Department has been looking into this program for some time now, by studying it's impact in Wausau. That city has had volunteers since the 1940's.

"I've been with the unit for 12 years we do save the city of Wausau of a lot of tax dollars a lot of hours that police would be putting in themselves," said Wausau volunteer officer Larry Jaeger.

Larry Jaeger says he does it for the people, but there's a limit to his authority.

"An auxiliary officer does not have arrest powers, they would not be having a firearm," said Skibba. 

Officials say these volunteers are the extra eyes and ears police departments need. And they save the department money. 
Police hope above all, those volunteers will help keep the community safe.

If you're interested in volunteering you can find an application and job description for this program at

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