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UPDATE: Oneida County Board votes against pursuing mine in Lynne

"This is over so I'm happy," said Uwe Kaeding, who lives in the town of Lynne.

After years of debate about a mine in the town of Lynne, the Oneida County board decided to stop the project.

"I don't want to invest in my house and the development of my house if I know tomorrow there is a mine-banging going on in my backyard," said Kaeding.

Last week's advisory referendum showed more than 90% of voters in the town didn't want the mine -- for copper, lead and gold. And Jack Martinson -- who represents the town on the county board -- said his vote on Tuesday echoed those sentiments.

"That kind of mining, sulfate-type mining is bad for water and that's what we have," said Martinson. "We have a multi-billion dollar industry in tourism and why throw that away just for a few dollars?"

A 12-to-9 vote showed board members were divided on the decision. And many said they think this closes the door on opportunities for the county.

"Obviously, there's going to be some jobs, we don't know how many," said Oneida County board member Jerry Shidell. "Obviously there would be some tax revenue. We don't know how much. Those things are there. We now won't know for at least this period of time what those benefits may or may not have been."

Some board members said they wanted to learn more before stopping the project altogether.

"Let's explore all the options that are there," said Shidell. "Let's see what kind of technology exists today. Let's see what type of economic benefit may or may not accrue to Oneida County."

Even though the board has tabled the issue, people on both sides said they don't think this will be the last they hear about a mine in Lynne.

"As long as there's money in the ground, the issue will keep coming back," said Shidell. "But for now, for this board, I believe it's done."

"I think it's over to a certain extent," said Karl Fate, who is against mining in Lynne. "It wouldn't surprise me if this didn't come up again but for now at least, it's been put to rest."

Newsline 9 tried to get in contact with a couple companies that had been interested in mining in Lynne, but have not heard back from them.


The Oneida County Board has decided not to pursue a controversial mining proposal in the Town of Lynne.

Officials say zinc, lead, copper and gold we discovered in 1990 but they say it's never gone farther than that because of environmental concerns.

At a meeting in May, board members asked for more information about the mine proposal so they could gauge the risks along with the benefits.

At that meeting, some board members argued that a potential mine could bring around 300 jobs to the area.

At Tuesday's meeting, however, the board voted down a proposal to continue looking at the project.

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