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Weston tax increase would mean $60 per year on $100k house


We've learned more about how much people in Weston will have to pay if they vote to raise taxes in November.

That increase would pay for a bus service and cover a budget shortfall.

The Village of Weston has to bring bus service back after voters approved it in June. But besides the bus service, leaders say the village doesn't have enough money to balance its budget. Weston administrator Daniel Guild said the village is facing a $500,000 budget shortfall. He said the main cause is the cost of police and firefighters.

So, in November, voters will be asked a two-part question. The first part, should Weston raise taxes to pay for the bus service? According to Guild, that would cost homeowners $14 dollars per year on a $100,000 house. The bus service is expected to cost $120,000.

Also on the ballot, should Weston raise taxes to cover a budget shortfall? That would cost homeowners $46 per year, Guild said. He said this would result in $400,000 in extra revenue to help balance the budget.

Combined, if voters approve both parts of the question, that's a total increase of $60 per year to come up with $520,000.

State law limits how much the village can raise taxes on its own, Guild said, so a referendum is necessary.

If taxes aren't raised, bus service will still come back. But Guild said village leaders would have to cut other services to come up with the money to pay for that. The village would also have to cut services to cover the budget shortfall, he said.

Ultimately, Weston voters will decide if they want to pay higher taxes. The question will appear on the November ballot.

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