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Van Hollen pushes to reinstate voter ID law


Wisconsin's Attorney General wants the state Supreme Court to reinstate the voter ID law in time for the November election. The law was blocked earlier this year.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen wants the Supreme Court to bypass the lower courts and put the law back into effect.

"We have seen numerous people register to vote at fictitious addresses and things along those lines," he said.

The law was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Scott Walker. It requires voters to show a government issued form of photo ID at the poll before casting a ballot.

But the law was ruled unconstitutional by a Dane County Circuit Court judge in March. That's why Van Hollen is asking the state's Supreme Court to step in and make a final ruling.

"Many believe that there is voter fraud. They believe that their lawful vote is being off-set by one that's unlawful," Van Hollen told Newsline 9.

But not everyone thinks the law should be reinstated. A left-wing political advocacy group called One Wisconsin Now released a statement saying, "...[Van Hollen] is either lying about rampant 'voter fraud' or he is incompetent at his job."

Democratic Representative Donna Seidel told Newsline 9 Tuesday that the judge got it right and the law should go because it will prevent some people from being able to vote.

The law does have other defenders, including Governor Walker. He told reporters, "Why not protect the integrity of the vote?"

Van Hollen agrees and hopes the Supreme Court will re-instate the law before the November election. Until then, Wisconsin voters do not have to show ID at the polls.


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