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Romney calls for increased offshore drilling

HOBBS, N.M. (AP) -

It's a goal that's been pushed by a lot of presidents and presidential candidates before him, but Mitt Romney says he has a plan that would make the United States energy-independent by the year 2020 -- along with Canada and Mexico.

Romney today pledged to create 3 million jobs and more than $1 trillion in revenue by ramping up offshore oil drilling and letting states have more control over energy production on federal land.

The Obama campaign says it's a "backward" plan that would reward big oil while letting China take the lead in clean energy.

Speaking in New Mexico, in the heart of the state's oil and gas industry, Romney told supporters that Obama is trying to block oil and gas production in order to give a boost to renewable energy companies.

Romney has deep ties to big oil, and raised more than $7 million from oil industry executives during a campaign fundraiser in Texas earlier this week.

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