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Debate over ATVs in Langlade Co.


Dozens filled a parking lot in Langlade Co. to express their anger.

They're upset about the Wolf River State Trail, specifically, that the trail doesn't allow all-terrain vehicles.

The trail allows snowmobiles in the winter, but does not allow ATVs in the summer.

"You made a statement saying non-motorized, non-motorized is what it says," said Sally Mulhollon.

Many people said allowing ATVs on the trail would open up recreation opportunities, make getting around easier, and boost the economy.

"The economy will grow, the businesses will grow, and the tourism will come in. That's all we ask for," said Mulhollon.

But forestry officials said it's more complicated than that.

"When that property was purchased, that's what was put in the master plan for that property," said Tammy Kubiaczyk.

The master plan is an agreement between state and the county, on how to maintain the trail and what's allowed on it.

"We have concern about motorized use, not only from possible policy implications, but also because it runs through the Wolf River fishing area," said John Gozdzialski.

But, the Department of Natural Resources is looking at the possibility of changing the rules and allowing ATVs on the trail.

"The question has been posed to us, can you put an ATV trail on it or not, and we're going to do that exhaustive research," said Gozdzialski.

But these ATV clubs don't want to wait for that. They say they've been pushing for this for years.

"There's a major issue that needs to be addressed and it hasn't been resolved. It's as simple as that," said Andy Kostelny.

At this time, there's no timeline for the study and no guarantee that anything will change.

For these people, there's a hope that something will.

But for now, ATVs are not allowed on the trail.



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