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Hurricane Isaac could lead to higher gas prices


Hurricane Isaac may be far away from Wisconsin, but its impact will still likely be felt here at the pump.

Gas at one Wausau area gas station is $3.94 a gallon. But experts say that won't last for long. It could get even higher in the next 72 hours.

"Prices go up, prices go up, prices go up and there isn't much you can do about it," Karen Watzlawick of Tomahawk said.

Watzlawick used to drive a lot every day. But recently, she's tried to cut back.

"I try to do more when I am in town, take less trips to town," she said.

Watzlawick isn't the only one. The average price of gas in Wisconsin is $3.88 a gallon. Ten cents more than the national average and close to 30 cents more than a month ago.

"We're anticipating them going again, up and down. It's like a roller coaster effect," Susan White, manager of the Merrill Cenex said.

Experts say Hurricane Isaac could cause prices to rise here in Wisconsin.

"Not really the damage that is expected, but the fact that multiple refineries in the Gulf are shut down," Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan said.

Other factors may also contribute to rising prices. Experts say there are possible supply issues at refineries in the Great Lakes area.

"We'll start to see it in the next 72 hours. Some stations paying the higher cost already," DeHaan said.

So how much could the price of gas go up?

"Within the next couple of days, at least ten cents," White said.

Prices are expected to rise beyond that. Experts say it could be weeks until they settle back down.

"There is good news coming for the end of September. Winter gas is cheaper to produce and demand typically drops after Labor Day weekend," DeHaan said.

But until then, get ready for another spike, at the end of an already expensive summer.



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