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Students move in at UW Stevens Point


Streets were full of cars and sidewalks packed with incoming freshmen and parents for move-in day at UW Stevens Point.

School officials say around 1600 incoming freshmen arrived on campus Saturday, with an additional 2000 returning this weekend.

It's an exciting time and an emotional time for students and their families.

"A lot of emotions today, this is our only child and her first year in college," said Kathy Zychowski.

Jessica Zychowski is a wildlife ecology major from Menomonee Falls.

This will be her first time living away from home.

It's a tough challenge, but one she said she is willing to face.

"Just being able to do what I love in nature," said Zychowski.

Zychowski said a passion for the outdoors brought her to UW Stevens Point.

"I grew up in a family that hunts and fishes and they do taxidermy, so I've kind of grown up loving animals," said Zychowski.

She said she hoped to build on those interests and make the most of her college experience.

"I'm looking forward to being in the woods and stuff, through the college of natural resources program," said Zychowski.

Move-in day also means a new start and new friendships, including roommates.

"I just met her today, she's really nice, so it should be a good year," said Zychowski.

A year full of new experiences.

"I really want go mudding, I don't know where you can go mudding, but that's what I really want to do," said Zychowski.

Zychowski's mother couldn't be more proud of her daughter's next step.

"This is the place to be, this is what everybody told us to go to for this type of schooling," said Zychowski.

Although there might be some tears, they'll be tears of joy as her daughter builds the foundations of a new life.

"Let's just say I was told to bring a box of kleenex," said Zychowski.

School officials say 400 student volunteers helped students move into the dorms on Saturday.

Classes start on Tuesday.

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