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Athlete of the Week: Mosinee's Aubree Antosch

Mosinee's Aubree Antosch has been a stand out on the Indians with her play.  
    It's easy to spot her.  The libero is the one you see wearing a different colored uniform than her teammates.
    They're the ones that do it all: dig, get it to the setter, and basically all the dirty work that allows a team to win.  
    But like offensive linemen in football, liberos take great pride in their underappreciated position.
    "I get really excited when I get a really good pass and when I get a really good kill, but I also get excited when I have a really nice save and I like being the one that saves it," Antosch said.  "It doesn't really matter to me I guess. It's the team. I care more about what my team does than what I do."
    "Everybody comes to watch the big hits, in basketball it's the slam dunks," said Mosinee head coach Justin Jacobs.  "So it's a thankless position back there that doesn't really show up in the stat sheets, but without them it's very hard to run an offense so it's a very critical position."
   Much like linemen have dreams of being the quarterback, liberos have thoughts of skying above the net for a kill to get the crowd on its feet.  
    "It would be a dream, but it's not going to happen," Antosch said.  "I like playing libero better, but I love when Hannah sets me in the back row, it makes me feel like I'm part of the team if I get a kill."
   Next time you're at a volleyball game, notice the libero.  They're the ones that keep the team chugging along.  Much like Antosch on the Indians.

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