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Parents furious about bus problems in Rhinelander School District


School is back in session in Rhinelander, but with only 3 days in, it's been a rocky start. The district decided to try a new bus system to save money, but it's done nothing but cost them.

"It's probably the worst nightmare when you don't know what's going on and where your child is," said Crescent Elementary School Principal Teri Maney.

That's how some parents I spoke with say describes the last two days. They sent their children to Crescent Elementary School in Rhinelander as usual, but when it came time to pick up their kids from the bus stop, they weren't there.

"I can understand 10 maybe 15 minutes, but an hour," said Angelia Parker, a parent who's son goes to Crescent Elementary School.

Rhinelander School District officials say there was a bus delay on the first two days of school. Children were dropped off late. And some were even put on the wrong bus.
"It's completely unacceptable, and all parties involved agree," said Rhinelander School District Superintendent, Roger Erdahl. 

District officials told me there are several reasons for the trouble.

"This is the first year that we are doing the PreK-12 district wide busing, so there have been changes," said Maney.

But officials say they're getting things under control. And they're working with Bowen's Bus Service to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"We weren't organized the first day, now we do many things to ensure they're on the right bus and on time," said Erdahl.

But some parents say that won't change a thing.

"I'm not comfortable with it and he's not even 6 yet, he could get lost or misplaced," said Peter. 

The Superintendent says he contacted all parents to apologize, and says they hope for a smoother school year.

Bus service officials wouldn't comment on camera, but they sent us a statement saying, "Bowens Bus Service and Rhinelander School District are working diligently to resolve the issues that occurred over the first few day's of the school year to ensure the safety of all of the students."

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