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Packers fans start the season at Lambeau Field


The Packers are back and fans were ready to start the season right.

"It's been an awesome time, got here around 11 o'clock and started grilling and drinking and playing a little beans bags and all that, having fun," said Jordan Rahm.

For some, getting Packers tickets, tailgating and watching a game at Lambeau Field is a dream come true.

"When I got them in the mail, I cried," said Annette Spaulding.

Spaulding is a Wisconsin Rapids native and a life-long Packers fan. She spent more than 20 years on the waiting list for tickets.

"I just can't believe it," said Spaulding.

For others, the first game of the regular season meant sporting some new green and gold gear.

"Before even pre-season, my friends and I put on our Packer gear and walked around town," said Trina Olson.

That commitment was clear around Lambeau Field as fans fired up the grill, cooking favorite foods before kickoff.

"Brats, cheese, burgers, beer, good times," said Jill Pansier.

Others prepared for the game by doing their best Aaron Rodgers impressions.

"It's just exciting, like very, very exciting," said Jake Malooly.

Fans said win or lose, they're fans for life.

"They're going to have the support they need, at least from the fan base," said Dan Marenga.

Whether it's the first time or one of many, fan they are looking forward to one thing.

"Packers superbowl, that's all we want, baby," said Rahm.

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