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New push to end texting and driving


Drive down the road and you might see a cell phone in someone's hand.

"You can kind of tell when people are driving, because you see them looking down and typing away," said Jacob Matsche.

It's not only dangerous, but illegal to text and drive in Wisconsin.

It's something that some say they can't seem to stop doing.

"Most of the time I'm thinking like, oh, I should probably focus on the road," said Matsche.

Officials hope a new government initiative will help curb the desire.

"It's so simple to prevent, either pull over to the side of the road or wait," said Lt. Steve Krueger.

Governor Scott Walker declared September as Don't Text and Drive Awareness Month, working with Wisconsin State Patrol and schools to help teens understand the dangers.

"Just think of the time that it takes to take your eyes off the road, and in a split second, can take you over the center line or into another lane of traffic," said Lt. Krueger.

Teens we talked to said they're ready to listen.

"It's probably like the number one thing that's on everyone's minds now, gets people in crashes, it's a big deal," said Matsche.

Hopefully finding a reason to stop.

"I'd say stay away from it altogether, it's a bad habit to get into," said Matsche.

Wausau school administrators said it's something everyone, especially teens, should be concerned about.

"That text message doesn't really have to be answered right then, put the phone away, don't worry about it and just drive," said Chris Budnik.

The teens we talked to said they were concerned.

"It could be any given second, you just take your eyes off the road and then there's another car or a tree there," said Matsche.

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