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Outdoors with Lauren: Pheasant hunt for beginners


 Hunting is generally dominated by men. Since I'm just getting started, I joined a program at Lincoln County Sports Club and found myself in good company. In a beginners hunt just for women.  The club secretary, Kathy Yahr says, "I think just because of the increased popularity of shooting sports with women we need to have events like this."

 The workshop starts in the classroom, learning the different kinds of birds, which ones are legal to hunt and the first steps to hunters safety.  We were issued our firearms, and set up to practice shooting skeet.

 We moved to a demonstration on how to use hunting dogs, and how to tell the difference between a hen and a rooster, because females are illegal to shoot. 
I was paired up with Heidi Schneider, a much more experienced hunter. She says, "I think it's good for women to learn in a safe environment where they feel comfortable and use those skills in the outdoors."

 My newly acquired skills were put to the test, as we headed into the field with our mentors and a set of pointer trained hunting dogs. Heidi and I each shot out limit of two pheasants. 
Schneider says, "I really enjoy being involved in events like this. I really love to hunt and to be able to share my passion with other women. I think that's more important than anything and I love being able to experience these things with other women." 

The majority of the woman walked in knowing nothing about hunting, but with the correct training, safety briefing and professionals, we left successful hunters.. 


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