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Police continue missing persons investigation in Portage Co.


UPDATE - We have an update on the social security fraud case in Portage County.

A judge ruled there is enough evidence for Charles Jost to head to trial.

In September, Jost was charged along with his sister, Dolores Disher and brother in law Ronald Disher as authorities investigated a missing persons case and social security fraud.

All three are due back in court on December.


Police were scouring a piece of property in Portage County hoping to find answers about what happened to Marie and Theodore Jost.

"It's a massive clean-up, if you would, undertaking, to go through just a lot of garbage," said Capt. Dale O'Kray.

The investigation started two weeks ago, when the Portage County Sheriff's Department was contacted by the Social Security Administration for help in finding Marie Jost.

"We know that Marie was probably seen for sure in the early 80's, we've got a couple of indications that maybe it was as late as '88," said O'Kray.

Police questioned three family members, Charles Jost, Dolores Disher and Ronald Disher, but they haven't cooperated.

Now, they're in jail, accused of cashing Marie's Social Security checks.

Officers are now searching for clues on Marie and her son, Theodore at the property located in Amherst Junction.

"We're trying to gain as much information as we can from that property," said O'Kray.

Cadaver dogs were supposed to be on the scene on Thursday, but the weather hasn't cooperated.

Officers said a new team of dogs will return on Friday.

Now, officers say the investigation may extend beyond Wisconsin.

"Some things have led out as far as California," said O'Kray.

Officers said that's where Marie's son, Charles Jost, lived between the 1980's and 1990's.

They wouldn't say what that means for the case.

For now, officers continue their search in Portage County.

"We have another shed to go through, to basically search through the garbage to find out if there's any evidence in there," said O'Kray.

Police said they have more leads they hope will move the case forward.

The three family members are scheduled to appear in Portage County Court for their initial appearance on September 24th.

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