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Students experience the dangers of texting and driving


Many parents can be nervous about the children behind the wheel.

That's why police are hitting the pavement to teach them of the dangers of texting and driving.

"I can totally tell, I would definitely get into an accident," Marshfield High School sophomore Thomas Gisvold said.

It's illegal to text and drive in Wisconsin. But police say people are still doing it.

"It's not worth getting into an accident that may injure you or others," Marshfield High School Liaison Officer Rochley Gross said.

That's why police are teaming up with local high schools--giving students a first hand look at the dangers of texting while driving, while using a golf cart on a controlled course.

"Trying to stop them from doing that while driving is going to make our roads much safer," Gross said.

First, the driver's education students drive the course distraction free. Then, they get behind the wheel while texting.

"While you're texting, focus on the phone more than the road, find yourself either running a stop sign or hitting a cone," Gisvold said.

"I missed the course, I could go off the road, flip my car, hit someone walking across," Marshfield High School sophomore Tanner Bosen said.

Police say students drove much slower on the course when texting, and took their eyes off the road much longer. That's why officials say there's one easy fix behind the wheel on the road.

"Put you phone on silent and place it in the glove box when driving," Gross said.

Texting while driving can cost you big bucks--a maximum fine is almost $400.







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