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A soldier surprises daughter during school assembly


Audrey Horvath thought it was just another ordinary school day at Marshfield Columbus. First, classes, then lunch, recess, and a short assembly. But, half way through, she realized instead, it would be a day she would never forget.

"She's going to freak out," her father Major Peter Horvath said. "I'm sure she'll start crying too. Probably a whole range of emotions."

As school Principal Steve Van Wyhe presented Audrey with a certificate for a school fundraiser, her Dad hid around the corner.

"I'm a little nervous," he said as he waited for his cue.

As soon as he heard the words "special presenter" Peter dashed around the corner and into his daughters arms.

"Are you okay?" Peter whispered into his daughter's ear.

"Yes," she managed to say through all the tears.

It was the day she'd been waiting for for 10 months, her Dad was home.

"Did you know anything? Were you surprised?" Peter asked Audrey after things quieted down.

"No, I was just confused. I saw a bunch of people come in and I was really confused."

Major Peter Horvath has been overseas in Bosnia for almost a year. The U.S. Army veteran also served a tour in Iraq. But he hopes this one was his last.

"We hope there's no trouble in the world that causes me to come back out of retirement," Peter said.

And surprising his daughter was the perfect start to the rest of his life.

"Even though she's only 13 this takes a lot of weight off her shoulder having her father be away is tough," Audrey's Mom, Susan said.

And Audrey's reaction said it all.

"I love him and I'm glad he's home."

Hopefully home for good.

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