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This fall's pumpkin crop to be smaller in numbers


It's been a tough year for some farmers.

"There's a lot of dollar out there," said Doug Wilke.

The summer's drought didn't make it easy to raise crops, including pumpkins.

But this year, Doug Wilke said his pumpkin patch beat the dry heat.

"We have a lot of pumpkins out here, that are good-sized and they're ready to go," said Wilke.

Looking at the 10-acre pumpkin patch at Wilke's Extra Sweet Acres, you'd have no idea a drought was ever a concern.

"It's like a sea of orange, you know, and that's what surprises them," said Wilke.

Agricultural experts said that's not such a surprise.

"The reality is, you have fewer pumpkins, but the quality will be better, you'll have richer color, a lot larger pumpkins, a lot more large pumpkins," said A.J. Bussan.

While some pumpkin farmers have struggled with their crop this year, Wilke said his are doing just fine and he said it's all due to luck.

"We got lucky with the rain and that helped a lot," said Wilke.

Wilke said his crop didn't lack in size, but he felt for the farmers who weren't so lucky.

"It'd be quite an economic loss for us," said Wilke.

An economic loss, blamed on the dry weather and the pollination process.

"They died and fell off of the vine, leading to fewer fruit per plant," said Wilke.

Experts said, the pumpkins that do sell, will be bigger and brighter than year's past.

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