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Dozens wait for iPhone 5 at Rib Mountain AT&T


It's the day thousands of Apple fans have been waiting for. The iPhone 5 is finally here. And the frenzy spread to our area.

It's what everyone is talking about.

Thousands of people lined up outside Apple stores from coast to coast, trying to get their hands on the iPhone 5. Including right here in central Wisconsin, where dozens lined up at the AT&T store in Rib Mountain.

"We wanted to make sure that we got one," said Wausau resident, Andrew Bartelt.

The store opened at 8 a.m., two hours early. But Bartelt was there a little after midnight.
"It was good that we got here when we did," said Bartelt.

But some say camping out is something they would never do for a phone.

"I think I could wait a couple of days until the rush dies down," said Jade Arnold.

And some who camped out in bigger cities, didn't even want the phone at all.

"We will definitely sell our spot."

But whatever the reason, the iPhone 5 is drawing a lot of attention, some good and some not.

"The phone has a different dock connector than any other iPhone or iPod in the past, so you've got to invest in all new dock connectors, you've got to invest in all new speakers," said ABC News Technology Editor, Joanna Stern.

But that isn't stopping people from getting their hands on this new device.

"This is the first time I've ever waited in line for anything in my entire life," said Bartelt.

Still, when we asked Bartelt if he'd do it again ...

"Probably not," said Bartelt.

Maybe the line was a little too long.

Store officials in Rib Mountain couldn't confirm how many phones they did have, but they told us that it was more than a dozen. They were completely sold out of them around 1 p.m. 




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